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ECA Spa wine company owes its beginnings to its founder Alessandro Bonacci, who was passionate about his land and who decided, at the end of the 1980s, to reclaim his father’s old and abandoned vineyard thus turning in time his passion into an established business.
In the 1990s the merlot vineyard was expanded and modernized and the resulting product has since become a well-respected wine on the local market. Beginning in 2000, thanks to our good results, we have chosen to keep investing in R&D, while starting a new winery and planting out an additional vineyard, this time planted to Nebbiolo. 
All our efforts paid off when we earned our Protected Designation of Origin (PDO/DOC) quality assurance label in 2012.
Our current production based in Villadossola, in the Verbania province, consists of two vineyards. The first vineyard occupies an area of one hectare and is planted to Merlot.
It favors cool terrains and ventilated and shaded areas since it is particularly drought-sensitive, just like the vineyards found at Case Rossini in Villadossola.
The other vineyard, covering an area of 0.6 hectares, is planted to Nebbiolo. Because Nebbiolo grapes require areas with higher sun exposure and adequate growing degree-days, the sunny slopes of Ossola Valley provide the perfect location. This vineyard has consistently produced premium wines that are highly typical of this region.
Planting Guyot-trained rows in a plot of land obtained from the terraced slope above Villadossola has also allowed us to produce grapes with such a level of sugar ripeness as to produce vigorous wines with a good alcoholic content, intense scents and a strong, locally rooted character, especially after aging them in the winery for a few years.
We also obtain two types of excellent grappa from our grape pomace.